Club Website

The club website

  • Keeps members up to date with forthcoming events
  • Provides club news to members and those outside the club
  • Provides information to members and prospective members about club activities
  • Keeps records of news and activities
  • Profiles club members and their achievements, particularly if they are relevant to promoting the club
  • Promotes activities relevant to the club as well as their safe practices

The club uses email and facebook for online engagement with members and those outside the club.

If you have information for the website then the club wants to hear from you!

Also the club needs people who can participate directly in maintaining the website.

The club uses static site generator software Hugo, a popular Hugo blog theme and a minimum amount of theme template customisation to allow photographs to present better.

If you can maintain a blog site with markdown and Hugo and you understand the purpose of commands ‘hugo server’, ‘hugo’ and ‘firebase deploy’ then you can maintain the website. Also if you get a gitlab account you can download a copy of the website source (500 MB) to practice editing the website as the entire website source is backed up to gitlab. Hugo is very fast and deploying to firebase is very fast as only the latest changes are deployed.

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