Gem and minerals finds by members

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Debbie Bloomfield

Topaz Debbie Bloomfield found a nice set of Topaz samples at O’Briens Creek in October 2020, including this stunning three cm long clear and symmetric regular shaped sample. Topaz three cm long symmetric regular shape, O’Briens Creek, October 2020

Bill O'Reilly

Topaz and Smokey Quartz Bill O’Reilly found these samples of Topaz and a Smokey Quartz at O’Briens Creek in September 2020. He recognised an area from a photograph, found a dig hole and dug some more. Very lucky! Topaz and Smokey Quartz, O’Briens Creek, September 2020

Robert Lees and Leigh Twine

Chiastolite Samples Robert Lees and Leigh Twine found Chiastolite samples in the Cloncurry area From CMLC Newsletter Aug 2020: Photograph of Chiastolite samples found by Robert Lees and Leigh Twine in the Cloncurry area Some information added as commentary by the website These are such interesting samples they merit further commentary. But commentary is surprisingly difficult. Geologists clearly have problems with Chiastolite. The Wikipedia entry on Chiastolite claims a speculative (unbacked by experiment) theory in non geological and non scientific language put forward in 1934 is widely accepted but this is not backed up by searches.