Member Profiles

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Life Members

Life Members As far as we can currently tell, life members and their images are listed in the order they were granted. Darelle Saunders, deceased. The first president, 1961 to 1965. The club expects to display archives from her time as president. Dot Anderson Walter Anderson, deceased Jean Morrow, deceased. Profile Morgan Kane, deceased Keith Hill, deceased Wilma Hill, deceased Vic Cummings

Michael Hardcastle, President

Michael has been Club President since 2017. His focus is on ensuring the club is good fun, welcoming and keeps it focus on members helping members. Michael became a member of the club in 2009. He likes cutting cabochons, grinding, sanding and polishing stones. He enjoys working with silver and setting bezels to cabochons. Before becoming President Michael served the club as chief BBQ and night watchman during Gem Festivals, Cabochon Instructor and Vice-President.

Bill Reece, Former President and current life member

Bill Reece is a former President and is a life member. Bill is legendary in the club for tirelessly presenting the club in its favour, ensuring the club remained viable. The following profile and image is from CMLC Newsletter Jul 2002. NAME Bill Reece (Charlie Brown - don’t ask why). ZODIAC SIGN Taurus CLUB INVOLVEMENT Bill is the current president and sees himself as doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that and not much at all, but don’t you believe that.

Trevor Hannam

Trevor Hannam The club is very grateful that Trevor, with his unusually deep and wide knowledge of lapidary, minerals and related subjects and practices, participates willingly and in a very friendly manner in the spirit of the club of members helping members. He was so valued in earlier years in the club that the then Treasurer, Jean Morrow, representing the club, wrote him a letter congratulating him on his marriage to Jan and lamenting the loss to the club that she expected would ensue.

Jean Morrow, Former Treasurer and current life member

Jean Morrow is a former Treasurer and is a life member. Account from newsletter June 2011 The following three images and account by Jean Morrow is from CMLC Newsletter Jun 2011 Charlie Maddox’s mine at Topaz, “The Lottah”. Charlie was Jean’s father Dredge made by Tom Morrow, Jean’s husband I was born in Malanda in 1925. I went to school at Tarzali for twelve months before transferring to Topaz where my father took over 108 acres of farmland.

Clyde Eggert

Clyde Eggert, based in Mackay QLD, passed away in 2019. Clyde was well known and respected throughout all of QLD as both a manufacturer and supplier of both lapidary machinery and lapidary slabs. Clyde is remembered and missed by members of the club. Clyde was a regular and popular vendor to our GemFest. The following is from the October 2019 issue of QLACCA NEWS Vale - Clyde Eggert Clyde was a member of the Beenleigh Club and a delegate for QLACCA INC.