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Updates following reopening

Recent club activities following reopening

Fourth Update October 2020

Sorry: No more sharing of home style cooked food at the club (COVID-19 rule). So no more sausage sizzles after club meetings, including next meeting at 12 noon on 7 November. Also please remember to bring your own cup or disposable cups and to keep eating areas only for eating. So please: no rocks where people eat.

Third Update 14 July 2020:

New rules have been approved and are now in place

Second Update 14 July 2020:

The president, Michael, and secretary, Jan, have made changes to COVID-19 safety plans as requested by the CYRC, submitted them to the CYRC and let the CYRC know they are hoping to inform members of the safety plans by tonight, subject to the approval by the CYRC of the safety plans.

The website will be immediately updated with details of the COVID-19 safety plans as soon as the approval comes through.

First Update 14 July 2020:

A working document, the club’s ‘Conditions of Entry’, is expected to be finalised after the Management Committee meeting tomorrow Wednesday the 15th.

This process was unexpectedly delayed by the club waiting to be contacted by a key person.

Update 9 July 2020:

If you, as a member, need to ask questions about the club’s opening, the secretary, Jan, requests you email the club directly on its regular cairnsmlc email address with your questions, rather than use facebook. Both she and the president, Michael, access these emails most days and can reply to you directly.

The club’s facebook page recently reached over 1,000 followers and is getting closer to 1000 likes. Lot’s of humour and great unusual images for your enjoyment. You can also join in and post your own links and humour. If you have not had a good look and left a like then please do so and leave a like if you do like it. Also please encourage friends you think might be interested and to also leave a like if they like it.

Update 5 July 2020:

The website has no further information from the club to report. The club is lucky to have very capable and practical people working for it. Implementing a COVID-19 safety plan, at a practical level, requires more than just submitting a plan on paper, such as having an onsite inspection of signage and safety practices. We can assume these planning stages are now nearing completion, if not already completed, for reopening on announced day of 18 July.

Update 24 June 2020:

Club CYRC representative, Bill Reece, is meeting with CYRC during the week with regard to approval of proposed COVID-19 safety plan for reopening club.

Peggy Walker and Rick Mewburn show us their fantastic work during COVID-19 lockdown.

Update 22 June 2020:

The club congratulates Townsville Gem & Mineral Club Inc. for reopening on 15 June and on announcing their 2020 GemFest to be held 19-20th September. Poster below.

We know members are asking if Townsville can have a Gemfest, why not us?

As of 22 June:

  • The club has submitted its COVID-19 safety action plan to CYRC and is waiting to hear back
  • New signage has been made
  • The club is seeking a formal answer to the above question: if Townsville can hold a Gemfest in 2020, why not us?

Members should avoid jumping to conclusions. It is possible the conditions to hold a Gemfest in 2020 on the usual club grounds would be impossible to meet. For example considering how popular the CMLC Gemfest is, consider the chaos and public irritation it would cause if only 20 people were allowed through the gates at a time and there was a large queue, including very young people.

Also please consider how important the vendors are to the success of our Gemfest and that this is not a good time for vendors to travel and reach a good audience.

jpg Townsville 2020 Gemfest poster.

Update 11 June 2020:

The club has announced it is reopening on 18 July. Please see management committee announcement

Club closed 21 March 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic

Please see the president’s report from 25 March.

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