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CMLC Newsletter August 2021:

  • President’s report by Michael Hardcastle from general meeting in August
  • New members: Yuka Matheson, Sean Sullivan, Marcia & Tia Muir, Sharon McQuade, Alex Chapman, Wayne Zollner, The Clarke Family
  • Fossicking News with commentary by Leigh Twine and Debbie Bloomfield
  • Gemfest Report by Jan Hannam
  • Gemfest Photographs (credits to Michael Hardcastle, Tammi Saal, Leigh Twine, Debbie Bloomfield, John Heenan, Isabella Heenan)
  • Members Getting Creative Around The Club by Jan Hannam showing Lisa Thomson, Jannemieke Hanhart and Jeremy MacKedie at work as well as creations by Vanese Leetch and Tim Franklin
  • First faceted stones by Jessica Colahan and Marine Davidson
  • New Fosiscking Areas? Lots of excitement!
  • Peridot
  • Faceting Demonstrations at Sapphire by Richie Williams
  • Champagne Glass Faceting Cut by Trevor Hannam
  • New gem crossword and answers to previous crossword
  • Jokes
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Newsletter Editor: Leigh Twine

Newsletter Team: Leigh Twine, Trevor Hannam, Jan Hannam, Joshua Chamberlain

Please consider contributing material for club newsletter

Easiest way to contribute is to use the contact form or email the club to cairnsmlc AT gmail DOT com (to include attachments such as photographs).

The club produced newsletter ‘Cairns Mineral & Lapidary Club Inc. News’ commenced publication in 2021

The club newsletter ‘No Stone Unturned’ has ceased publication as of November 2020. It ran for 16 years from 2004 to 2020. It was published by Jeanne Mora.

The club produced its own newsletter up to 2004.

Past Issues


CMLC Newsletter June/July 2021:

  • President’s report from Michael Hardcaste from the general meeting in July
  • New members: apologies for not listing due to insufficient room
  • The Pearl
  • The Ruby
  • The Billboard
  • Gemfestival grand raffle prizes and winners. Link to photos, including winners on website
  • Entrants and Winners from Lapidary, Arts and Craft section for 2021. Link to more photos and information on website
  • 60th anniversary cakes photos, prepared by Brenda & Alan, and other photos.
  • GemFest setup photos
  • Ollen faceting cut, designed by Trevor Hannam
  • New gem crossword and answers to previous crossword
  • Jokes

CMLC Newsletter May 2021:

  • President’s report from Michael Hardcaste from the general meeting in May
  • Bulletin Board
    • TREVOR’S FACETING COMPETITION: $50 prize. Entries to the counter by Wednesday June 16th
    • JEWELLERY ROOM REPAINT: volunteers required
    • CAIRNS GEM CLUB: Sunday 13th June Open Day to the public
  • Members Creations, including Rick Mewburn’s Ammonites from rough to finished
  • Emerald
  • Pink stones (Rhodonite, Pink Diamonds, Rose Quartz)
  • Three pages on fossicking at O’Brien’s Creek
  • Divining Rods by Leigh Twine
  • Bird watching at Elizabeth Creek Camp Ground
  • New gem crossword and answers to previous crossword
  • Jokes

CMLC Newsletter Apr 2021:

  • President’s report from Michael Hardcaste from the general meeting in April
  • Bulletin Board
    • SILVER ROOM COSTS: $4 (BYO consumables ) or $6 each morning and afternoon
    • NEW MC MEMBER: Matt Redgen
    • CAIRNS GEM CLUB:Sunday 13th June Open Day. Stalls available
    • GEM FESTIVAL: members using club stall must provide their own float
  • Mystery object
  • About diamonds
  • Betty Reece’s 90th birthday
  • Herkimer diamond quartz by Trevor Hannam
  • Casting weekend with the new vacuum caster with images and thanks to Laurance, Trevor and Tim
  • Instructor Q&A
  • Mineral name pronouncement
  • Centeyre Brilliant faceting diagram
  • New gem crossword and answers to previous crossword
  • Jokes

CMLC Newsletter Mar 2021:

  • President’s report from Michael Hardcaste from the general meeting in March with other news.
  • List of new members welcomed to the club in February/March: Symantha Ledger, Gerry O’Neill, Jessica Colohan, Ashton Moore, Aileen Hackett, Noel Hackett, Tara Duckworth, Peter & Carol Moore
  • Richie Williams’ faceted stone from a very old bottle from Gurrumbah
  • Images and story of Jamie Thompson’s cabbed Koroit opal
  • Difference between Koroit & Yowah opal
  • Removing tarnish on silver caused by athmospheric sulpher with simple household chemicals and equipment by Trevor Hannam
  • Instructor Q&A (Faceting, Cabochoning, Silversmithing)
  • Making a ring from junk box parts by Trevor Hannam
  • Images of members at the club (Trevor, Emily, Bob,. Matt, Joe with others, Sylvia, Ashton, Jessica, Emi, Gerry, Yukie, Symantha, David, Phil, Ian, Michael and Rita)
  • Joe Ferk’s life story. Joe is a master gem cutter and instructs at the club
  • Chesire 2 (Moggy) facet diagram
  • Gem crossword
  • Jokes

CMLC Newsletter Jan/Feb 2021:

  • Report from Michael Hardcaste, the club president, from the general meeting in February and other reports.
  • The Story of ‘No Stone Unturned’ By Jeanne Mora, the previous publisher
  • Photograph of the Newsletter Team with their goals
  • Instructor Q&A (Questions and Answers)
  • Bill O’ Reilly’s success finding nuggets (photo of Bill lower down in page)
  • News with photos of members, work and presentations in faceting and silversmithing
  • Above includes mention/images/work of Sylvia Rose, Trevor Hannam, Kylie O’Brien, Ken, Matt, Dale, Bob Westley, Emily Muckalt, Maggie Schroder (two certificates), Bill O’Reilly, Richie Williams, Peggy Walker and Craig Walker
  • Jokes
  • Profile of Trevor Hannam
  • List of new members welcomed to the club in January/February: Emi Ishimatsu, Robert Westley, Marjorie Beattie, Michael Chapman, Masako Ito, Hiroko Shimada, Rachel Wilson, Cicilia Bruksch, Graham Williams, Tom Twaddle, Sharon Twaddle, Elios Ibanez-Hara, Gerry O’Neill, Jessica Colahan, Yukie Kimura, Andrew Malcolm, Karl Austerberry, George & Marine Davidson, Ian & Grant Kreigher, Andrew & Wendy Scott-Bohanna


CMLC Newsletter Nov/Dec 2020:

  • President’s report from general meeting of 7 November.
  • Centeyre Brilliant faceting diagram
  • Rio Tinto stops operating at Argyle after 37 years
  • Hana-Gusari Anklet
  • Word iridium (a rate metallic element) highlighted in ‘The K-T Extinction’ from ‘History of Life’ by Richard Cowen. The K-T (Cretaceous–Tertiary) extinction eliminated all large vertebrates and 80% of species at the time on earth 66 million years ago. It ended the age of the dinosaurs. Higher than normal concentrations of iridium were first found in sedimentary layers in 1980 and they are the first hard evidence of a meteorite impact event associated with the K-T extinction. Higher than normal iridium concentrations have been found in more than 100 places on earth, making it useful for dating.
  • MAKE SOME HANDY POLISHING STICKS to keep in your tool box.

CMLC Newsletter Oct 2020:

  • President’s report and notes from general meeting of 10 October.
  • Photos and info on our last fossicking trip to Mt Gibson at Innot Hot Springs
  • Dendritic Agate
  • Byzantine Quatrefoil Cuff design for the silver enthusiasts
  • An S-hex-y facet design
  • Fracture and cleavage
  • Siversmithing Graduates
Silversmithing Graduates. Images from newsletter

Silversmithing course graduates Joe, Kylie and Kevin showing Joe’s pendant, Kylie’s bracelet and pendant and Kevin’s bracelet and pendant

  • Advantages of Going Fossicking with the club

From the newsletter:

You have the options of going with the club or going it alone.

So what advantages are there in going with the club?

  • You will not require a fossicking licence as you will fossick under the Club’s licence.
  • You will be guided by a savvy Field Trip Officers who will ensure that:
    1. You go to the right place (maps, designated fossicking areas, best places to dig)
    2. You know the fossicking rules and etiquette. (e.g. leave no craters behind, don’t jump claims etc)
    3. Advice on fossicking equipment, clothing, etc. (You can get this info. online too)
    4. You find nearby suitable accommodation for your particular needs.
    5. You know what to look for. (There’s a lot of different rocks out there)
  • You will be able to join in the post-fossicking get together to relax, skite about your finds and learn even more about the minerals specific to your area etc. Lots of laughs and good fun!
  • There’s safety in numbers. If you get into a spot of bother, it’s nice to know there are people who will look out for you…or even look for you if you wander off!

If you go by yourself……well you are on your own aren’t you?

CMLC Newsletter Sep 2020:

  • President’s AGM report.
  • New Members, Photos, Cute menu item and page created with it’s first photo taken from this newsletter.
  • Up sizing Rings.
  • Two Jades: Nephrite (occurs in Australia) and Jadeite. Two different minerals. Nephrite crystals form into a tough fibrous matrix at the microscopic level. Both are tough and don’t fracture easily.
  • European 4-1 Drops Necklace pattern.
  • Htims bar facet design.

CMLC Newsletter Aug 2020:

  • President’s report
  • Photograph of Chiastolite samples found by Robert Lees and Leigh Twine in the Cloncurry area.
  • Information on Chiastolite and Andalusite. Some links provided in link above
  • Celtic Eight Ring crafting guide
  • COVID-19 information

CMLC Newsletter Jul 2020:

  • Member works photos
  • Pros and Cons of using jewellery base materials other than gold and silver

CMLC Newsletter Jun 2020: Learn about oxygen, a reactive corrosive and chemically very simple essential element in the grand cycle of life. Lots of minerals contain complex oxides (bound oxygen) or hydroxides (bound oxygen also bound to hydrogen), indicating oxygen has reacted with (or corroded) other elements. When mineral ore is processed a lot of energy is required to remove oxides and hydroxides, gold being an exception. An excellent example is converting bauxite to elemental aluminium which requires a lot of electrical energy.

Plants store energy from the sun as growth and produce oxygen as a waste byproduct using a unique and complex chemical pathway that has barely altered, in contrast to the variety of life it has given rise to. Animals get to use the sun’s stored energy as food from plant growth, using the reactive corrosive power of the waste oxygen to release energy from the sun’s stored energy for independent and stimulus responsive mechanical animation, among defining qualities of what an animal is.

CMLC Newsletter May 2020: Interesting article on how the same chemical element, carbon, has wildly differing physical properties in its elemental form depending on how it bonds to itself. Also interesting article by Leigh Twine and Jenni Clark on Topaz and Diamonds at O’Brien’s Creek fossicking area with maps and photographs.

CMLC Newsletter Apr 2020: 150 km west of Cairns, Mt. Mulligan, a still gazetted ghost town, is well known to gold fossickers with metal detectors and the area still has active mining leases. 1878 was the peak year for gold production (a massive 44 000 ounces). In 1921 75 men were killed by a coal dust explosion. Leigh Twine and Jenni Clarke provide an account of the disaster with maps and photographs.

CMLC Newsletter Mar 2020: Mike Rashleigh, who has toured the Argyle Diamond Mine, writes about the mine, its unique coloured diamonds, its major market influence and its planned closure in 2021.

CMLC Newsletter Feb 2020

CMLC Newsletter Jan 2020:
Practical and interesting observations on one of the great achievements of science on pages 4, 5 and 6: The Periodic Table Of The Elements. Some additional information: the columns were originally defined as measuring valency, something with a strict experimental measurement meaning that was discovered to be periodic as atomic weight rose. If you are a student don’t give this answer in an exam. Something safe like stating columns indicate number of electrons in outer shell will get you full marks. If you are looking to impress you can also add row fullness or occupancy shows how many electrons there can be in outer shell in that range of atomic weight.


CMLC Newsletter Nov,Dec 2019:

  • Checkout the article on sedimentary rocks with interesting photographs followed by articles on scientific property measurements to assist identification.
  • There are four wire wrapping tutorials with images on page 5. jpg Thumbnail of Intertwining Ring Tutorial.

CMLC Newsletter Oct 2019:

  • Checkout Allan Gale’s informative field report from Chudleigh Park
  • Checkout the well highlighted photographs of igneous and metamorphic rock types in the introductory geology article from pages 11 to 14

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