Notes and Books

Notes and Books for Members


Faceting My Way by Trevor Hannam
An excellent all round work and reference book on faceting. Trevor has generously permitted the club to host his book for the benefit of members.


How to Cabochon Stones. Assembled from various sources by Michael Hardcastle
These notes are for instructor led cabochoning courses at CMLC.


Basic Silversmithing by Trevor Hannam
These notes are for instructor led basic silversmithing courses at CMLC. They are a No Stone Unturned Publication.

Steam Casting

Steam Casting My Way by Trevor Hannam
Steam Casting is an inexpensive way to get involved with casting and Trevor Hannam shows us his way


Basic Fossicking Equipment by Leigh Twine
If you are going on a trip with the club and do not have all this equipment please mention this to the club before departure. The club has a limited amount of equipment it can bring and loan.

There is information about fossicking stands at Members, Equipment

Going Fossicking? (QLD)
While the guide mentions unoccupied land as available to fossick on and so leads to the impression there is unoccupied land in QLD, no one appears to be able to identify where there is any unoccupied land in QLD, as legally defined. So you cannot assume any land is unoccupied for the purpose of fossicking. Legal Definitions of Unoccupied Land

Queensland Lapidary and Allied Craft Clubs Assoc. Inc (QLACCA) Field Trip/Fossicking Ethics

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