News and President's Report From General Meeting, March 6, 2021

President’s Report

We have many new members joining our club. We would like to reintroduce the 10 O’clock Stop work morning tea bell. This is a great social activity and a chance to introduce and get to know our new members.

The Soft Nova Diamond Wheels on the new machine in the cabochon room are being worn out unevenly; this is costly, and quite evident when you use this machine. Please, utilise the whole surface of the wheels, not just the centre.

Thank you to all our members who have been assisting and contributing to the smooth operation of our club, every little bit helps.

Michael Hardcastle

Other Reports

Gem Festival Committee Report

Sokar Phillpot has been appointed onto the festival committee and has volunteered to manage the COVID-19 plan for the event. Lots of volunteers needed. Let Jan know early if you can volunteer.

The selling of tickets at Earlville (last two weeks in June and first two weeks in July) is the main area that has always lacked volunteers so please consider giving 4 hours of your time to lighten the load of the few that end up doing it.

Donation of prizes would be greatly appreciated especially with it being our 60th Celebration

Treasurer’s Report

As read out.

Fire and Safety Officer’s Report

Trevor will aim to do a defibrillator demo at our April GM - Trevor addressed the gas burning torches and the oxygas situation and further discussion with Laurence, Trevor and MC to take place. It’s important that everyone familiarises themselves where the fire extinguishers and fire blankets are situated.

Website Report Summary

The website access logs for February have been downloaded but not analysed yet. Hopefully when the logs for March are available there will be sufficient data to graph trends, using the full set of raw logs files, for four months from December 2020 to March 2021 inclusive.


New members

New members were welcomed into the club. These are Gerry O’Neill, Jessica Colahan, George & Marine Davidson, Yukie Kimura, Ian & Grant Kreigher, Karl Austerberry, Andrew & Wendy Scott-Bohanna, Ashton Moore, Aileen & Noel Hackett, Symantha Ledger

Certificate Presentations

Cabochon Course: Phill Smith & Ian Kreigher (presented)
Silver Course: Nil
Faceting Course: Matt Redgen, Ken Wessel, Emily Mukalt (presented). Dale Beal, Bob Westley (to be presented)

Courses, Classes Dates and News

  • WAX CASTING WEEKEND: Weekend of MARCH 27th - 28th . Last date for wax orders MON 15th MARCH so get your order in ASAP if you are attending the course. Names also have to be in the book for you to attend.
    • Trevor explained how the new vacuum caster will work and the safety aspect with a barrier set up.
    • David warned how the powder can be dangerous and to be very careful.
    • COST : $7 (includes investment powder, use of flask, tuition) + your ordered waxes that range from $2 -$4 each usually (waxes will be paid for when the order arrives)
  • CABOCHON COURSE: Get your names in if you want to do the next course - date to be set.
  • SILVER COURSE: Sylvia on 3rd week of current course
  • FACETING COURSE: Joe Ferk (22 years teaching faceting) has offered to teach Monday nights.

General Business

  • AGE & INSURANCE: All members are covered under our Insurance to age 95.
  • SMOKO : Trevor Hannam moved a motion that we reintroduce the 10am smoko bell. Michael expressed the benefits of the social aspect of the club, especially for the new members meeting other members and encouraged everyone to participate.
    • It was made clear you can carry on working after the bell goes off if you choose not to have a cuppa, so long as the noisy machines are shut down.
    • It was also made clear that you can have a cuppa whenever you wish throughout the day.
    • It was suggested by Betty to use the outer part of the servery and urn to make your cuppa like it used to be done. Have hot soapy water ready in the sink and use your own cups. Please try to stay out of the kitchen.
  • FOSSICKING EASTER TRIP: All of our Field Trip Officers and other experienced fossickers are unable to attend an Easter trip. It was also mentioned that the weather looks like being unsuitable for an Easter trip therefore a later date will need to be discussed. David suggested contacting Damien DeSabbata.
  • 2021 MEMBERSHIPS : March 6th was the last day for discount. Renewal membership now $40
  • SUNDAY SLOG: We have no MC member to open up on a regular basis. Please communicate with Michael if you are interested in participating in a Sunday Slog. If there is sufficient interest (more than three) then Michael will look into the possibility of it being arranged. REMINDER: Shop will not be open for purchasing.