News and Reports From General Meeting, April 10, 2021

President’s Report

There is not much to report

I have been working in the jewellery room getting a few things ready for the little oxy propane gas torches and I still haven’t completed that yet.

The other things I need to mention will be mentioned further along in the agenda

Michael Hardcastle

Notes on renovations, terminology and gas torches

The jewellery (or jewellery work) room is where the silver workstations are and where the silver (or silversmithing) courses are held. Faceted stones and cabochons are mounted with silver to form finished jewellery pieces.

The jewellery room is being renovated. Bill Hall has been helping Michael with the renovations.

Gas torches are a standard productivity tool of experienced jewellery makers, and the club has been using and teaching the use of a larger gas propane torch for decades in the jewellery room.

Other Reports

Gem Festival Preparation Report

  • Federal MP Warren Entsch invited to attend
  • Queensland Government Department of Resources representative, Michael Staneke, will hand out fossicking maps and will be able to answer questions
  • Quoted $2,450 for awning and all accessories
  • Security officer quote organised by Allan Gale: $1,018.60 (includes GST) for one uniformed security officer from 10pm Friday 23rd to 6am Sat 24th and 10pm Sat 24th to 6am Sunday 25th
  • Bill and Betty have purchased two alarms that attach to the zips of their gazebo. They will test this and report back. If successful, all stall holders will be informed of the product and encouraged to get them.
  • Parking is organised by CYC and CYC and Council rules will dictate the entry and exit points
  • Members who wish to sell some of their items at the Gem Festival but don’t have enough to warrant a stall of their own, may use the Club Stall. Please note though that this will be organised on a roster system for fairness and members must have their own money float on both days
  • Suggestions:
    • Sample Bag (calico or fabric) with club name to include vial with stones, pen, fossicking maps, newsletter, club pamphlets
    • Stubby coolers
  • We have some lovely raffle donations from members but need lots more yet so we can really make it a mega raffle for our 60th celebration

Treasurer’s Report

As read out by Richie Williams.

Website Report Summary

As provided by John Heenan

The internet domain name has been renewed.

Non-robot traffic is up, robot traffic is down. Russia is an exception, but it is likely Russian traffic was mainly robot traffic without a robot signature.

Referrals from Google are even (home page) or trending slightly up (all pages).


New members

New members were welcomed into the club. These are Tara Duckworth, Glen Burley, Michael and Kristie Sheehan

Course Certificates and Presentations

Cabochon Course:
Silver Course:
Faceting Course: Dale Beal, still to be presented

Courses, Classes Dates and News

  • SILVER WORKSTATIONS: Members seem to be uninformed of what they should be paying to use a silver workstation. Michael made it clear the fees are:
    • $4 morning session and $4 afternoon session if you are using your own equipment, consumables, and gas torch
    • $6 morning session and $6 afternoon session if you use the club’s consumables (gas, silver solder flux and saw blades) in the locked-up cabinets.
  • WAX CASTING WEEKEND: March 27th & 28th was a wonderful social wax casting workshop weekend and we had a 100% success rate with everyone’s casts in the new vacuum caster coming out beautifully. Another weekend workshop will be organised at a later date.
  • CABOCHON COURSE: Get your names in if you want to do the next course - date to be set.
  • SILVER COURSE: Silver Instructors must be very mindful when silver classes are being organised that a couple of workspaces be left free for members who want to do their own work.
  • MARJORIE’S SILVER COURSE: Marjorie started last Wed 7/4/21 with six students, split into two classes.
  • TREVOR’S ADVANCED SILVER COURSE: Max of four students - four Saturdays (all day) - Cost and starting day to be worked out and advertised - Put your name in the book if you are interested.
  • FACETING COURSE: Joe will not be taking any new students for a while till he has a short break. He will advise us when he is ready for the next class so it can be advertised.
    1. Turn off the water when you are finished as one was left on last Saturday (3rd) and luckily it was found as Trevor was closing up.
    2. Empty your water bucket each time please.

General Business

  • SMOKO: The members are enjoying the 10am smoko bell (when someone remembers to ring it) for a little bit of social time.
  • FOSSICKING TRIPS: Unfortunately, no Easter trip happened this year due to unavailability of field trip officers. Investigating dates for the next trip. If members have any suggestions, please let us know
  • SUNDAY SLOG: We have no MC member to open up on a regular basis. Please communicate with Michael if you are interested in participating in a Sunday Slog. If there is sufficient interest (more than three) then Michael will look into the possibility of it being arranged. REMINDER: Shop will not be open for purchasing.
  • EXTRA MC MEMBER: Matt Redgen has volunteered to fill the MC position. The MC has agreed to appoint Matt to the position.