News and Reports From General Meeting, May 8, 2021

Report by President

Matt Redgen has been appointed to the management committee, welcome and thank you Matt for volunteering for the position.

Members who missed the silicone mould demonstration, in August 2019, can attend a silicone mould workshop being organised by Laurence and Trevor. Jan will notify members of the start date. Members interested in participating please inform Jan.

Members who have completed the basic jewellery course and would like to learn how to use the little gas torches, there will be a demonstration workshop and instructions on their use and how to care for the equipment on Saturday 22nd May 12pm. Please don’t attempt to use the gas torches until you have been shown how to use and care for them.

The club web site is working really well and is attracting a lot of local interest, this is quite evident from the amount of local people who have been viewing the web site and calling the club with further inquiries.

Cabochon room machine maintenance: Please do not plug in and attempt to use a tagged machine until maintenance is completed.

Our Jewellery Room needs a coat of paint, the club needs volunteers to assist in the preparation and painting of this room. Please contact me if you are able to assist in this project. The Gem Festival is fast approaching and it would be good to have this project completed well before our Gemfest open day. If you can help, your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Hardcastle
President CMLC

Other Reports

Gem Festival Preparation Report

    • Thanks to member Ian Maclean of Night Sky Secrets for asking his supplier of gold detectors for a donation.
    • Garrett Australia has donated a 200i gold detector for the first prize in the gold detecting section.
    • $100 from Gemcuts
    • Family pass to Paronella Park
    • Family pass to Mamu Skywalk
    • More to come
  • SECURITY: Discussion of various ideas. Bill provided first hand information for stall holders wanting to look after their own stall.
  • ONLINE ROSTER FORM: This year we will be trialling a google form that will be sent to all our members with email addresses to tick the appropriate boxes as to where they would like to help with the gem festival. This will be sent out soon and the gem festival committee would like to encourage you all to please have a go at filling it in. It is very simple, just read the instructions and follow the prompts then hit submit.
  • ENTRY & EXIT GATE: Brian from CYC has indicated entry and exit at the gate requires QR Code scanning
  • COVID UPDATE: Sokar Phillpot informed the meeting of specifics of what is required, including for QR code scanning at the front gate entry and exit point along with requirements in the clubhouse. Eight iPad users need to be avilable to man the gate for the weekend
  • FLAT LAP TOWNSVILLE: Michael is still liaising with them re taking over Gem Hunter’s Haven Space for the gem festival
  • CLUB STALL: Let us know if you want to book a space (13 of a table)

Report by Treasurer

Report read out by Richie Williams.

Fire and Safety

Two new fire extinguishers were purchased from Flaming North for $230. They are stamped, dated & certified.

Disposable Fire Extinguishers were purchased 10/10/20 and have a five year warranty

Website Report Summary

All previously noted traffic is trending up except from Russia which is even. All general traffic indicators are up including Australian and international.

Referrals from Google (both home page and all pages) are trending up significantly.

There are no charges and none are expected in the coming months.

End of summary provided by John Heenan.

John will now bill the club annually for future charges. More extensive information available upon request.


New members

New members were welcomed into the club. These are Clint Whitcroft, Zacarad Paten, Scott Lubach, Steve Schwartz and Karyn Hopkins

Course Certificates and Presentations

Cabochon Course: Bob Westley, Wendy & Andrew Scott-Bohanna
Silver Course:
Faceting Course: Dale Beal, still to be presented

Courses, Classes Dates and News

  • FACETING COURSE MONDAY NIGHTS: Joe to resume on Monday 10 May
  • FEES SILVER WORKROOM FEES REMINDER: $4 if using own consumables, $6 if using club consumables
  • LITTLE GAS TORCHES INDUCTION: As per president’s report, Saturday 22nd May at 12pm with Bill Hall
  • TREVOR’S ADVANCED SILVER COURSE: Won’t be happening until after the Gem Festival now. Get names in book if interested
  • TREVOR’S FACETING COMPETITION: Trevor presented his faceting competition where he will donate a $50 prize for his own facet design to be cut and submitted to the counter by Wed June 16th. If any faceting members would like to learn from Trevor, how to judge, please let the counter know. All stones submitted in the competition will be anonymous to Trevor and any others learning to judge.
  • CABOCHON ROOM MACHINE MAINTENANCE: As per president’s report, please do not plug in and attempt to use a tagged machine until maintenance is completed.
  • JEWELLERY ROOM: As per president’s report, volunteers needed to paint room before Gemfest

General Business

  • JEANNE MORA SUGGESTION: To give out our badges and anniversary booklets for new members signing up
  • TAGGING AND TESTING ELECTRICAL LEADS ETC: This has to be done every 6 to 12 months. Electrician Lance O’Brien (member Kylie’s husband) will do the job this year when we have organised a time and date with him. Each lead in every area will need to be unplugged and rolled up the day before Lance tests and tags. All electrical appliances must be accessible and on display.
  • UNDER 16 RENEWAL FEE: The committee agreed the renewal fee (before the discount date) for under 16 members will be $20
  • LEAKY JEWELLERY ROOM TAP: Trevor will fix next time at club
  • CAIRNS GEM CLUB: Sunday 13th June Open Day to the public