News and Reports From General Meeting, June 5, 2021

Report by President

I have been busy working, however I managed to put in a 10 hour day with Matt and Electrician, Lance O’Brien, to carry out the club’s Test and Tagging. 182 plugs, which was more than expected, were tested and tagged with Lance finding a few faulty ones that were attended to.

The counter cabinet facing the kitchen has no light at present until we unload, move and fix the dangerous plug. Please take care with water splashing around in the cabbing room also. An identified wax injector had no earth wire which Lance fixed. The kitchen jug didn’t work that day and had to be fixed also.

Gem Festival applications are coming in however we have had a few cancellations, unfortunately one being a long standing stall holder, Mike and Coralie Fisher.

The weather is cooler with winter coming so it’s nice to have the aircons off and the fresh air flowing through the doors.

Michael Hardcastle
President CMLC

Other Reports

Gem Festival Preparation

  • Flat Lap from Townsville will be replacing Gem Hunter’s Haven
  • Bags & pens are ordered and paid for
  • Will be purchasing 12 more chairs
  • A suggestion to invite the Mayor was made
  • Earlville has approved request for ticket selling - starting June 16th - minimum of 2 people AM & PM each day required - Roster on club counter - Please put your name down to help
  • Online Roster is ready to send out
  • Entry and exit will be logged
  • Food stickers will be a covid regulation for home made food. Will be available from Jan
  • Covid rules will be: no air conditioners running but all windows and doors must be open - Entry through front door and exit out the back door
  • Club Stall: Let us know if you want to book a space (⅓ table)


Report read out

Fire and Safety



Traffic is still trending up. Australian traffic is slightly down. US traffic is dramatically up. Referrals from Google for all pages is still trending up. Referrals from Google for the home page is even. There are no charges and none are expected in the coming months.

The club newslettere is added each month. Gemfest info is being updated. A Gemfest 2021 Slack channel has been established to facilitate updating the website for gemfest.


New members

New members were welcomed into the club. These are Tabitha Naval, Belinda Parkes, Ieuan McQueen, Sonja Grava, Henk Schweinsberg, Carola Hunter, Jason Duncan and Lisa Thompson

Course Certificates and Presentations

Cabochon Course: To be presented: Wendy & Andrew Scott-Bohanna
Silver Course:
Faceting Course: To be presented: Dale Beal

Courses, Classes Dates and News

  • TREVOR’S FACETING COMPETITION: Trevor presented his faceting competition where he will donate a $50 prize for his own facet design to be cut and submitted to the counter by Wed June 16th. If any faceting members would like to learn from Trevor, how to judge, please let the counter know. All stones submitted in the competition will be anonymous to Trevor and any others learning to judge.
  • LEARN TO BE A FACETING JUDGE: Only for people who facet - put your name down if interested - will be judging the stones submitted from Trevor’s competition

General Business

  • TAGGING AND TESTING ELECTRICAL LEADS ETC: All done as per President’s Report
  • CHAIRS FOR SALE: Betty will check availability on S/H Dr’s Surgery chairs
  • FOR SALE: Mike Rashleigh is selling 4 Lapidary machines (1 x Slab Saw, 1 x Trim Saw, 1 x Flat Lap with movable faceting head, 1 x Cabbing Machine) Members will have first option. See pictures and info on notice board near kitchen or check out the photos, prices and info on the club’s website
  • MISSING CHAIR: Does anyone know where the missing faceting chair has gone?????
  • LEAKY JEWELLERY ROOM TAP: Trevor has fixed
  • CAIRNS GEM CLUB OPEN DAY: Sunday 13th June - We will offer them a free stall if any available