COVID-19 Safety Rules and Plan, 14 July 2020

COVID-19 Safety Rules and Plan


  • Entrance is through back of building on right near shipping container
  • Exit is through front
  • COVID-19 safety plan requires registration and acceptance of entry conditions
  • Where reasonably practical, ensure you maintain at least 1.5 meters physical distancing from others, including at meal breaks
  • Bring own cup
  • Bring wipes if using electrical machines

Formal Rules


As per notice issued through the secretary on 14 July 2020:

  1. It is confirmed club is reopening on Saturday 18 July
  2. As required by Cairns Youth & Recreation Centre (CYRC), it is very important you all familiarise yourselves with new rules and a floor plan relevant to the rules:
  3. A COVID SAFETY OFFICER (also required by CYRC rules) is needed for each session and their duties are overseeing sanitising, registration forms and distancing. We would hope members would happily volunteer in sharing this position instead of being asked. Please let the club know at or call the secretary, Jan, on 0417 746 630 if you can do at least one session as a safety officer and when it would suit so we can start a roster.
  4. IMPORTANT TO NOTE: If members don’t respect the rules and help with the jobs then we will have no option but to close the club again. All too often the same people end up carrying the burden and we really want to see our club unite as a team, especially now.
  5. PLEASE REMEMBER the CYRC is the landlord and the CYRC are agents of Cairns City Council. Not abiding by their COVID-19 safety rules means going up against powerful bureaucracy.
  6. ENTRY & EXIT. THE ENTRANCE is now at the back near the shipping container NOT the front door. You will now be EXITING through the front door only.

So everyone let’s make this work by familiarising yourselves with what is required and helping with the duties.

There is a record of the updates between closing and reopening the club at COVID-19 Issues.

A record of activities following reopening the club is at recent club activities following reopening