Instruction classes with attendance over several sessions

  • Faceting
  • Cabochoning
  • Jewellery Silversmithing

To attend the classes please notify interest to the club.

When sufficient people have registered interest and an instructor is available you will be notified and requested to confirm attendance

Course Notes and Books

All of the classes are very much hands on and introduce a lot of new and unfamiliar techniques, tools and terminology. So it is a help to be prepared to do some background reading in your own time.

There are images from courses at Members, Courses

For the Faceting classes there are no course notes, however an excellent all round work and reference book is Faceting My Way by Trevor Hannam

For the Cabochoning classes students are invited to prepare themselves with excellent course notes How to Cabochon Stones. Assembled from various sources by Michael Hardcastle

For the Jewellery Silversmithing classes students are invited to prepare themselves with excellent course notes Basic Silversmithing by Trevor Hannam.

From a silversmithing course with Trevor, burnsishing silver, more information

Burnishing Silver Before
Burnishing Silver After


There are some relevant videos on Helpful Videos. You can also of course search for suitable videos on the Internet.

Workshops with one session or two sessions

There are images from workshops at Members, Workshops

  • Lost Wax Casting. Images from a workshop.
  • Electroforming (demonstration of results)
  • Wire Wrapped Ring (Lovers Knot)
  • Wire Wrapped Bracelet (some experience required) jpg
  • Stone Tumbling, including advice on purchasing and operating tumblers
  • Using Club’s High-Definition Microscope Camera
  • Using Club’s Phone App (Maps)

Information on some courses

Lost Wax Casting

There was a workshop in March 2020. The club took orders on behalf of members for wax patterns from a catalog. For rings there is usually only one size but this size is different between male and female rings. The size of the wax ring is adjusted to fit before casting.


David (below) instructs up to four people at a time on using the microscope and its camera. Images and videos can be captured and examined using a mouse and on screen controls.