Fossicking Calendar

Fossicking Calendar 2021

The club organises between three and five fossicking trips each year for members.

As a field trip approaches updates will be available through a next upcoming fieldtrip page.

Shortly before a field trip commences all updates and direction will be through field trip officers. Please make sure you know who your field trip officers are and that you have spoken to them or speak to them as soon as possible after arriving.

For 2021 five potential fossicking trip dates are or were considered, around long weekends.

  1. January Australia Day, Tue 26 Jan, Sat 23 Jan - Tue 26 Jan ?
  2. April Easter Long Weekend, Fri 2 Apr - Mon 5 Apr
  3. May Labour Day, Sat 1 May to Mon 3 May
  4. July Cairns Show Long Weekend, Fri 16 Jul to Sun 18 Jul
  5. October Queen’s Birthday, Sat 2 Oct to Mon 4 Oct

Campsite facilities on trips vary. Some trips (such as to Chudleigh Park) require complete self sufficiency, including water. Usually a 4WD is not required to reach a campsite.

For excursions from campsites 4WDs are usually required. Some excursions require drivers experienced and confident of 4WD driving on rough terrain (such as to Mt Gibson).

Useful information about fossicking

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic there was only one field trip in 2020, to Mt Gibson 3-5 October 2020

There was a cancelled Easter 2020 long weekend fossicking field trip to Lava Plains Sapphire Fields, 10-13 April 2020. It was cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic.